Research Advisory Boards

Why the Research Advisory Boards?

To strengthen the interactions with community end‐users, each region covered by FISHES will have a Regional Advisory Board composed of members closely associated with fisheries and food security. As part of the knowledge‐gathering phase, the Regional advisory Boards is meeting to discuss current knowledge, current knowledge gapsresearch strategies, capacity building opportunities, desired outcomes and sampling strategies that should be implemented in order to address these objectives. This is including sampling locations and focal species important for the communities. The Regional Advisory Board is consulted prior to each field season to ensure the project maintains adherence to the agreed upon project objectives. They are communicating their suggestions/opinions to the stakeholder Advisory Council. This council is composed of 2 members from each Inuit, Cree and Denée Nation, and 2 members from DFO and MFFP agencies.​

Eeyou Istchee

Great Bear Lake / Great Slave Lake





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